Our partner farmers are a proud bunch.

We know each of our farmers and producers. They are our friends and neighbors. We see how they work, treat, and feed their animals. They protect their soil and they adhere to natural and organic principles of farming. It is an honor to call them our friends.

Josef Meiller

Pine Plains, New York

Josef Meiller Slaughter House and Farm is not a “back to the land” operation run by former hippies or lawyers looking for a better way of life. Mike and Wayne Meiller are not trying to advance a theory about the renovation of American agriculture. They are local, family farmers producing possibly the finest beef in our region. Both the slaughterhouse and the farm are small, almost intimate. There is nothing industrial about either one. We don’t know of another farmer in the greater New York foodshed that operates a public abattoir or the reverse; the Meillers may be unique in this respect.

Products Delivered: Beef, Pork, Lamb, Veal


Waymart, PA

At one time almost every community had a small milk bottling or ice cream plant located close by, today most if not all are gone. It was with this in mind that Creamworks believed that the time was right once again for the establishment of a small local dairy and creamery. Beginning in 2005, a vast amount of time and effort was put forth into researching small dairy plants and creameries and from that work came CREAMWORKS. With their plant completed in July of 2010, they bottled their first tank of milk and their dream was realized.

Products Delivered: Whole Milk and Skim Milk
Coming Soon! Cultured Butter and Yogurt

Catskill Mountains Sugar House

Grahamsville, New York

Purely delicious maple syrup, where every drop is produced on their farms nestled in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of upstate New York that provides their maple orchards with the clean air and pure water for trees to produce the purest maple sap. Their 800 acre main farm is sandwiched between the NYC Rondout Reservoir and The Sundown/Denman Mountain Wildforest area.

Products Delivered: Pure Maple Syrup

Brey’s Egg Farm

Bethel, New York

Brey's fresh eggs are guaranteed to stimulate your taste buds. The chickens are fed superior grains and feeds that are blended together in our on site feedmill. Full of nutrients and vitamins, an egg a day will give you the perfect morning boost.

Products Delivered: Farm Fresh Eggs