Our not-so-secret ingredients

Even though Sullivan County Farms has grown like corn in July over the last few years, we still manage to know our customers as well as we know our farmers. Our drivers are in and out of the kitchens on their routes all the time, sure. But our main man Rob Doherty also rides shotgun with them twice weekly to stay in touch. Plus, we like to host our customers, up here in the land of plenty, as often as possible. We want them to know our farmers and producers person-to-person. When chef meets farmer, there’s good (organic) chemistry.

It’s another advantage of being truly local.

Here are a few other things we do for our customers:

  • No minimum orders, You need what you need when you need it.
  • Special order fulfillment. Need something out-of-the-ordinary? We find it for you from our partners or, if necessary, from another neighboring source.
  • Advance menu planning. Gearing up for a menu change, special event or seasonal make-over? We plan for it with you, We nail down what you’ll need from us, line up our partners who can supply it, and deliver it right on schedule.