How we define local

The pull of a roadside farm stand is easy to explain. It’s a throwback to the days before food production and distribution became a colossus leaving its big clumsy carbon footprint.

Even today when “locally-sourced” is widely advertised, “local” can mean hundreds of miles away. It can mean maple syrup that has been in storage too long. It can mean eggs produced days before. “Local” loosely defined.

We define it strictly.

Almost all of our farmers and producers are in Sullivan County and the lone exceptions are nearby. Our central collection facility is an easy roundtrip-daytrip to our clients “down in the city.”

Our refrigerated delivery truck departs loaded with eggs from the finest quality free-range chickens. With pure maple syrup that’s been cooked to perfection and filtered to absolute purity. With trout just netted.

There’s “local.” And then there’s local as we define it.

Sullivan County Farms' Rob Doherty and Liz Clarke (center) with Rick Laakkonen (left) – a 3 Michelin star chef of River Café and Bill Telepan (right) of Telepan.